Step two – Making Savings

We can help you to find the right builder, at the right price.  We will also introduce you to the manufactures we get our trade discounts from.

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Find the right builder

You may already have a builder in mind that has been recommended to you. Recommendations are the best way for you to find a professional, reliable builder. We can invite builders to tender for your works from our pre approved panel, from your recommendations and via reliable trade sites. 

Ensuring you’re paying the right Price?

We calculate an indicative cost for your preferred design. We will also break the price down into the relevant building phases so you know what is a realistic price for each building phase. 

We can help you to make significant savings.

We will help you to identify items that you can purchase direct from trade manufacturers and suppliers. These larger items include fitted kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom furniture, bi folding doors etc. This avoids the markup added by retailers and builders, passing the savings to you.

Our clients told us they felt very vulnerable at this stage of the process. The thought of having to hand over their biggest and valuable possession, to a builder they hardly knew, was stressful and hard to come to terms with. We help you to keep in control of your home, budget and builder.

Finding the right builder at the right price

Send your drawings to us

If you didn’t engage Bricks and Pieces for your initial designs and drawings, please forward your drawings to us so we can use them at this stage of our process. If you only have planning drawings we can still produce your building regulation drawings and 3D designs if you feel this would help you with your project. It’s never too late to use any of our services.  All of our services are offered on a pick and mix basis, you can select only the services you require. Contact our Customer Services Team for a personalised quotation.


Production of your Building Specification

The specification is an important document and forms part of your contract with the builder.  We will produce this to communicate your preferences and instructions to the builder regarding the whole build. The overall purpose of a Building Specification is to define the requirements for project execution regarding installation, materials, products, procedures and quality aspects.  Without this document, your builder is free to build to suit him which could cause inconvenience for you and your family.


Sit back and relax.
let us do the leg work for you! 

Selecting builders to invite to tender

Once we have prepared your tender documents, we will distribute the tender documents to the builders you have selected.  They may be builders you have used before, a recommendation from family or friends or you may wish to include builders from our Professional Builders Panel.  What is important is that you only include builders you are confident you wish to trust to complete the works.  Our team will be happy to offer advise, tips and guidance on the due dillegence we complete for builders on our Approved Panel.


We will calculate indicitive costs for your project

It is important to know the likely building costs for your project so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Obviously, we can work with you to adjust your design to reflect the budget changes you need.  That may be as simple as adjusting some of the building materials to be used or changing only some of the initial design.  Either way is better to know immediately that you need to change your design rather than incurring tiime and expense in going out to tender oblivious to this.


We prepare your tender documents

A professionally prepared tender document is essential to ensure you recieve accurate, like for like, quotations from the builders you invite to price your project.  Without this, you could see huge differences in quality, costs, materials and timelines as the builders can, for example, build a two story rear extension with a multitude of variables.  Following pre set guidlines will ensure you get the right builder at the right price meeting all of your requirements. 


Shop where the trade shops

We can introduce you to our approved panel of Trade Manufacturers and Suppliers to compare quotes for your larger items such as fitted kitchens, bathrooms, windows, Bi -folding doors etc. Traditionally, these items would have been included in the builders quotation.  Invariably, this lead to limited choice and higher cost as the builder adds his usual margin on to the purchase. By taking advantage of these discounted prices, you can save £1000’s off the cost of your home improvement. Visit our “One Stop Shop” page to view clients video testimonials and hear the savings they enjoyed. 

Comparing your builders prices

We will ask the builders to return their completed tender documents back to you and add a copy in to ourselves, by a specified date.  Our customer Services team will agree a convenient time to meet with you to consider the tendered prices, either in our offices or in a virtual meeting. 

It is usual to see significant price differences between the quotes received, we will use the indicitive price model as a guide price to explore this with the appropriate builder, interogating each building phase. 

By identifying these differences and/or challenging other costings, we can help you to negotiate with the builder to reduce the bottom line price.

Our job is to identify where savings can be made throughout the project and to help you find the right builder, at the right price.

Watch the videos below to see example ways we can help you to make savings on your project.

A brief introduction to show how we save you money using our “One Stop Shop”

See what our clients have to say about our services and how we saved them £1000’s off the cost of their projects.

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