Step two – helping you to find the right builder at the right price and guiding you through the builders tender process

We have over 40 years in the design and build industry. we will act as your own independent building advisor. This process can save you £1000’s off the cost of your proposed works

Throughout our website we have various videos explaining our services, we recommend watching them as they can help understanding of the more technical terms.

Bricks and Pieces – Doing More For Our Clients

During our early years, so many clients asked us to help them beyond our Step One – The Design Stage. In 2010 we introduced additional services which are now known as Step Two and Step Three. These services are continuously updated and improved, and are well and truly tested. We hope you find the additional help and support you are looking for with us here at Bricks and Pieces.

Our clients told us that if we hadn’t shown and explained what was actually in front of them, they would have been totally at the mercy of their builder. From us letting them access our experience in the design and build industry, and having us by their side as their own independent building advisor, they said they had the confidence to keep control of their builder, project and most importantly their budget.

Finding the right builder at the right price

Send your drawings to us

If you didn’t use Bricks and Pieces for your initial designs and drawings please forward your drawings so we can use them at this stage of our process. If you only have planning drawings we can still produce your building regulation drawings and 3D designs if you feel this would help you with your project. Its never to late to use any of our services they are offered on a pick and mix bases. Just ask for a personalised quotation.


We will produce your specification

The specification is an important document for your project. Its the document that can set down your preferences and instructions to help your builder understand your expectations for your project. Without this document in place your builder can take over your  build and do it his way. This may suit the builder but inconvenience you and your family. The contents of the specification is there to protect you and make sure you stay protected.


Sit back and relax.
let us do the leg work for you! 

Sending your tender out to builders

Once we have prepared your tender documents, we will distribute the tenders to builders you ask us to include in the tender process. These might be builders you have used before, or your family and friends have used, and been pleased with. If you wish to add additional builders from our Professional Builders Panel, we will be more than happy to add them to your builders tender list.


We will work out the LIKELY building costs to expect

 It is important to be aware of the likely building costs for your project so you can plan your budget properly. If the budget works out more than your anticipated price we can review your design and help you make savings at the early stage of the process.


We prepare your tender documents

If you invite builders to tender for your works by issuing them with a set of drawings and asking them to price, you will find it hard to establish what the builders are actually pricing for, and they will all price for different things. By issuing builders the same prepared documents, the builders invited to tender will be instructed to tender for the exact same works, so your builders prices can be compared on a like for like basis.


we identify savings we can make for you by sharing our trade secrets

Homeowners for years have let builders supply and install major items of their build. Like fitted kitchens, bathrooms, windows, Bi -folding doors etc. We exclude items such as these from the builders tender. We then share our “Trade Secrets” trade suppliers that we have searched out and have agreed trade discounts for our clients. By taking advantage of these discounts we can save you, our client, £1000’s. Visit our “One Shop Shop” on this website and view our clients video testimonials and share their experiences. 

Comparing your builders prices 

We will ask the builders to return their completed tender documents back to you, and our office, on an agreed date. We will then invite you into our office to review and compare the tendered prices.

Often builders prices will vary quite drastically, up to 10s of 1000s, when pricing for the same job. As we will have already priced your project we can go back to the builders you particularly liked, and go through their prices for each of the building phases. Often builders may have made genuine mistakes, such as a building phase that should be costed at £1800 has been entered as £11800 by mistake.

By identifying these amounts or challenging other costings, we can help you to negotiate with the builder and try and bring him on budget.

Our job is to identify where savings can be made, and to help you find the right builder at the right price.

Take a Look at (Just) Some of The Ways We Save You Money

A brief introduction to show how we save you money using our “One Stop Shop”

See what our clients have to say about our services and how we saved them £1000’s off the cost of their projects.

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