Step Three – due dilligance checks and making your contract legal

We ensure you avoid costly mistakes by ensuring Due Diligence checks are carried out and that all of your documents are in place, and correct before your builders commence on site.

We keep you in control of your builder, project and budget.

We were ADVISED by our clients that most of the items listed in this section were COMPLETELY new to them.

They did not know they could protect themselves from ESCALATING builders prices, once the builders commenced on site, by using our due DILIGENCE methods.

They never thought of insurance implications and Health and Safety considerations.

They DEFINITELY had no ideas about The Party Wall Act and the implications, delays and potential problems with the neighbours if the notice is served INCORRECTLY. Your neighbour has the right to stop your builder on day one and you will end up in court resolving the dispute and this is costly and takes weeks to resolve.

We cover your back as we are your INDEPENDENT advisors.

due dilligance checks and making your contract legal

Programme for the works

We produce a bespoke Programme of works tailored to the building phases of your project. We indicate how long each building phase is likely to take. This can be reviewed and agreed with your builder prior to signing any contracts. You will be able to discuss when and where you and your family may experience the most inconvenience, so this period can be kept to a minimum. Also the programme can be used to monitor the builders process, and if they are falling behind the programme you will be able to discuss what actions are required to get the project back on track. Working weekends or increasing the number of men on site during the working week, until your project is back on track.


Interim Payment Schedule

An Interim Payment Schedule is schedule of the suggested payments so you know how much to pay the builder and when to make the payments. This document is reviewed with the programme of works so you can see if the amount being requested is in lineament with the contract and the programme. The contract may indicate a retention payment to be held back at the end of the project until all the snags and outstanding work is completed to your satisfaction and passed by you as the client.


Due Diligence checks 

Due diligence checks before you sign your contract can save you £1000’s – Bricks and Pieces team have over 40 years experiance individually in the design and build industry. We know where builders will have to charge you extras during the building phases. We make builders go through our Due Diligence check list so we can protect you against extra costs once the builder has commenced on site. We know how to protect you and following a due diligence process protects you from rising cost. You will be please that following this advise will save you many a sleepless night knowing your back is covered.


The Perfect Conditions

An example of perfect ground conditions at 900mm, which is what the builder has allowed for and priced for. The bulding inspector has passed this ready for concreating.

Once the perfect foundation is passed by the building inspector and the concrete foundation has been poured, the rest is plain sailing and you are out of the ground.

Here you can see we can proceed with confidence and bring the brickwork out of the ground.

It doesn’t matter what hurdles you encounter.

Bricks and Pieces are here to get you over them.

With minimum inconvenience and cost.

What happens when things go very wrong, and things aren’t as striaght forward

Legal documents often forgot at your peril and expense.

We do everything we can to make sure your project is legal and compliant with the current legislation. We discuss your responsibilities to comply with the Party Wall Act to prevent unnecessary issues with your neighbours, and the implications of not serving the right notices under the act, or ignoring the act completely. We help you, as the homeowner, and your builder to comply with the Health and Safety CDM 2015 regulations. This is not an option but the law, and a requirement of the build. Failure to comply could lead to prosecution.


Appointing your builder 

Builders often use their own contract that may be one sided. You can ask to use one of the many recognised approved contracts to ensure the contract is fair and protects you and your builder for the duration of the project. We would advise you that a recognised contact is used, in preference of the builders contract to, ensure you are protected and your builder is instructed to execute the works to plan. We are here to advise you and ensure this essential and important document is in place right at the start of the works. Never proceed with a builder who tells you they don’t need a contract because you do. 

Extra works you may request during the contract period. 

Any extra works you request that falls outside the original scope of works can be passed through our Quantity Surveys to give you the assurance that the price the builder is quoting has been verified, and that the price is reasonable for the works suggested. You are best asking for our opinion about costs as we work for you and not your builder and are here to advise and reassure you, our client.


Making sure that your property remains insured and that your builder is insured

Did you know that you need to advise your insurers that you intend to carry out your home improvements? You need to notify them in the proper manner for your insurance to be valid. Your builder also needs to produce all his insurance documents, to ensure he has the right insurances and sufficient cover to proceed with the works.  



Once the contracts have been signed and the builders have commenced on site we are here throughout the works. We are at hand to offer telephone support and technical support to you and your builder. We are here to help you both. We keep in frequent contact with you and we will act as your personal design and building advisor. We will also be acting as your personal shopper finding you the best suppliers and prices from where we, and our Bricks and Pieces Community, go to shop and get the best bargins and current offers.

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