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Wherever you are within the design process, we are here to help .

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Step One Explainer Video
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of clients that contact us only want 2D Planning and Building Regulation drawings and the appropriate approvals. They know exactly want they want to build so do not need our 3D design services.


of clients already have Planning drawings, produced by another company and have secured Planning Approval. Often they are looking only for us to produce their Building Regulation drawings and obtain Building Regulation Approval.


of clients do not know the finer details of how there extension will look and use our full 3D design design service to unlock the true potential of their home. We often go on to obtain Planning and Building Regulation approval for their chosen design.

Regardless of where you are in the Design, Planning and Building Regulation process contact us now to discuss your project to receive impartial, expert advice without any cost or obligation to you.  Should you wish to engage us for any of our services, our Customer Services team will be happy to send you a personalised quotation, for your consideration.




We will arrange a virtual meeting 

to discuss your ideas and reasons for

the proposed build. 

After our online meeting, we will send you a
personalised quotation for the services
you have expressed an interested in. 

With your permission we will add you on to our
mailing list to share tips and advice.




 getting your brief & budget right

 Following the survey, we will produce plans of your
existing property and 
external areas and produce
a final brief of your requirements.  This will include
exactly what you wish to build and what the
additional space will be used for and agree
your budget (to ensure all plans remain within
your budget).

Surveying Your Home

Upon receipt of your instruction to
engage our services, we will
arrange to survey your property.

We use state of the art technology,
using only a tripod and 3D camera
to photograph, scan and measure
your property.

Typically, it takes 60 minutes to
capture the information needed
to produce 2D plans of your property.


To make it easier for you to track the progress of your project, we provide you with access to an online personal file with communications and plans saved for your convenience.

This will follow your journey with Bricks
and Pieces, from the initial meeting
and creation of your brief, all the way
through to the completion of your build.




your 2d planning/permitted development bundle with free os map and indicative price for your project

We prepare your Existing Plan drawings at a 

1:100 scale

Based on the agreed brief we prepare your

Proposed Plan Drawings at a 1:100 scale

We then purchase your Ordinance and Survey Plan and Block Plan, which we put in as part of the Planning Application

We will breakdown your project into building phases and work out  accurate building costs for your scheme

We work out the indicative building cost for your proposed build, the type of price a builder is likely to charge for your design. This is a FREE service we offer our clients. This is to ensure that the design we submit is in alinement with your budget.

We do not charge extra for this service it is something that our clients find very helpful, and as ex-builders we are happy to help.

Once you have approved your Scheme and Drawings, we register as your Planning Agent and submit your planning application via the Electronic Planning Portal.

A planning application or an application for a certificate of lawfulness (if applying using your permitted development rights) usually takes 6-8 weeks. We keep you updated on a weekly basis.

Typical price quoted by bricks and pieces

Our Typical Fees for our 2D planning/permitted development bundle is

ONLY £695 + VAT*

OS Maps are included within our fee!

*for a property as detailed above

fees to others

You will need to pay your Local Authority directly for the Planning Admission fee.

– They will contact you directly, usually within a week of the Planning Application submission.

– The invoice will be sent directly to yourself for their fees (currently averaging at £231 – Oct 2020)


Producing YOUR Building Regulation Drawings

Your Building Regulation approval bundle includes so much more than a “must have” set of drawings. 

Below are Samples of Our Building Regulation Drawings.

You will note Building Regulation Drawings are different from Planning Drawings as they include all of the technical details ie. notes/sections, which are never included in Planning Drawings. These are the drawings which your builder will require in order to give an accurate costing for the build.

A Message from our Managing Director

The importance of ensuring all of your contractors (including your Planning & Building Regulation drawers) have Professional Indemnity Insurance

 Having run my own building company for more than 27 years, I am all too aware of the consequences of consumers working with contractors that do not purchase insurance to protect their customers.  Almost all of the horror stories that we have all heard of could have been avoided if the customer had checked their contractor had adequate Liability insurance in place. That includes companies that offer architectural or drawing services.  Poor quality Building Regulation drawings can send the builder and customer on to a collision course.  Most homeowners do not 100% understand the finer details of the drawings and unknowingly allow their building to build from them.  Sadly, many Planning and Building Regulation drawers end their involvement with the project immediately after producing the drawings leaving the client and builder at loggerheads when the builder builds to the specification and the client says it is not what they wanted.
It is for this reason, Bricks and Pieces ensures we produce high quality drawings to obtain Planning and/or Building Regulation approval and we stay by your side,  offering telephone technical support to you and your builder, until your project has been completed.

Bricks and Pieces have up to date Professional Indemnity insurances to protect you.

We are proud to say we have never had to make a claim in our 12 years trading history!


Click on the tabs 1 – 6 below to find out more

We offer FREE technical support on all our drawings

Should your builder raise a question with you, which you unsure of, you can ask them to contact us and we will be happy to answer on your behalf. Remember many of the Bricks and Pieces team were builders so when we design the components to go into the build i.e. bricks, insulation etc we are trying to specify cost effective materials, that can often save you money in the long run. At this stage we can also address sustainability items for your heating, power and lighting etc.

Again, we will breakdown your project into building phases and work out  accurate building costs for your scheme, with the additional information obtained during the preperation of your building regulations drawings

We work out the indicative building cost for your proposed build, the type of price a builder is likely to charge for your design. This is a FREE service we offer our clients. This is to ensure that the design we submit is in alinement with your budget.

We do not charge extra for this service it is something that our clients find very helpful, and as ex-builders we are happy to help.

Your design may require Structural Calculations and designs prepared by a Structural Engineer?

Most of our designs require structural changes to the property. Before these changes are physically made to the building and prior to building control approving our drawings, a Structural Engineer will be required to produce designs and calculations to ensure the buildings structural integrity is undamaged.
Bricks and Pieces will, on your behalf, go to Structural Engineers who we frequently use. We will send them the pre-approved Building Regulation drawings to obtain the quotation for their services. We will then share the quotations with you so that you can compare quotations and decide which one you would like to proceed with.
On receipt of the Structural Engineers designs and calculations, we forward them on to your chosen Building Inspector, they will ultimately support your Building Regulation Drawings and Application.

Included within our fees is a service to obtain quotes from the Local Authority and from approved Building Inspectors

Both do the same roles, they check and approve your plans and complete site inspections throughout the works, at different building phase stages, to ensure the work has been carried out to the current Building Regulation standards. On completion of the works, they will issue a building regulation completion certificate as soon as they are satisfield the build is compliant.

Included within our quoted fee is a service to obtain quotations from specialists to produce thermal calculations, where they are deemed necessary

The Building Control Office may ask for Excess Glazing Calculations, SAP Calculations or Thermal Calculations, to justify excessive glazing (all 3 mean the same thing). Many designs include a large amount of glazing e.g. Bi-folding doors, roof atriums etc.
Your chosen design will need to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations to ensure the thermal efficiency of the building, when improved, is less than the original structure. If we need to increase the thermal efficiency of your property there are many ways to achieve this, e.g. adding additional insulation in the existing loft, making alterations to your existing windows etc.
Bricks and Pieces will consult specialists within this field, to obtain quotations for these calculations, if requested by the Building Control Officer.

As part of our fee is a service to advise you if your design will be subject to the Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. A building owner proposing to start work covered by the Act must give adjoining owners notice of their intentions in the way set down in the Act.
Bricks and Pieces will advise you whether your proposed works will fall under the Party Wall Act, or not. If it does, we will recommend a Party Wall Act Surveyor that you can contact for a free consultation who will be happy to explain the Act in detail and also your best way to proceed.
If the Act applies and you wish to comply with the Act, the Surveyor will be happy to give you the associated costs to comply with the Act.
Bricks and Pieces advice is to research and find out all associated costs paid to others, before you even have drawings prepared so these associated fees and additional cost can be included within your budget and costings of the proposed works.

if you canot find the answer to any of your questions, please go to the frequently ask questions (FAQ) section of our website or contact our customer services team on 0161 443 4117.

During 2019/20 87% of our clients not only saved what they paid us in fees, they also went on to save £1000’s more off the cost of their projects.

Contact us now and see how we can do the same for you!

70% of our clients ask to use our 3D design option to unlock the true potential of their home.

See below for a selection of replies when clients were asked why they chose our 3D design service

  • I love the idea that I could get involved in the 3D design experience and have input into my own designs.
  • Showing my neighbours what I proposed to build really helped get them on side and they supported our Planning Application.
  • It was great to be able to pick up my tablet and hold it up against a wall that was going to be removed and see how our new fitted kitchen will look and also see a view of the garden and patio, through the new bi folding doors,  And all before work had even commenced.
  • 3D images ensured there were no “GREY AREAS” between the myself and the builders.  Having the images of my finished extension defintely ensured I avoided expense, delay and disruption later because I’d have signed off on the 2D plans not realising the plans did not reflect exactly what I wanted.
  • I particularly liked showing family and friends how our home will look after the building work is completed.
  • The 3D process was really enjoyable.  It was really uplifting to see the design options and to build our extension in the finest detail.
  • I cannot imagine why anyone would invest £1000’s to improve their home without making sure the design is exactly what they want and the builder knows exactly how it should look.

our optional 3d design service

The Existing Property

We start with your existing property and your brief.

3D Visualisations 

We produce both internal and external images of how your property could look upon completion.

We find that the clients who are able to see their ideas visually, make less amendments at the plan drawing and building stage saving them time and money on their project.


External Views

External Front Image – Initial Design.

Here we would show you the proposed design from the front of the house.

 Here you can see a view of the existing front elevation.

This is the 3D Design showing the new porch and how it enhances the front of the property.

External Rear Images – Initial Design.

These images would show the proposed design from the back of the property.

A view of the existing court yard at the rear of the property.


This is the 3D image to show the property extended and knocked into one large kitchen, dining and lounge area.

Internal Views

The photo to the left is the existing rear lounge view, looking towards the existing French doors. 

The photo on the right is a view looking into the existing kitchen from the rear lounge. For the new design this will be opened up into the new kitchen/dining area.

Proposed Kitchen – Image 1: This image is a view from the opposite side of the proposed kitchen area. The image shows the proposed kitchen extension with the rear external wall removed to create an open plan kitchen and seating area. ​

Proposed Kitchen – Image 3: This image is a view from the opposite side of the proposed kitchen area. The image shows the proposed kitchen extension with the rear external wall removed to create an open plan kitchen and seating area. ​

Proposed Kitchen – Image 2: This image is a view from the doorway leading from the hallway into the proposed kitchen area. The image shows the proposed kitchen extension with the rear external wall removed to create an open plan kitchen and seating area.

Proposed Dining room – Initial design: This image is a view from the Kitchen looking into the proposed dining room. The room has been created by dividing the existing living room and dining room into 3. The first being a larger living room (see floor plans) while the second splits the existing dining room in two, creating a utility room accessed from the Hallway and the proposed dining room accessed from the kitchen. We feel this layout makes the property flow much better. 

Making Amendments

Clients who use our 3D Design service got more involved with the design team to get their design right.

3D designs can save you thousands of pounds as they will show you exactly what is in your 2D design allowing you to make changes pre build.

We always allow for a final one hour session to make final amendments, if required. Our aim is to make sure the design you sign off on is 100% what you want.


our optional virtual tour service

Many of our clients ask us to covert their 3D Visualisations in to a 3D Virtual Tour.
This way they are able to walk around and ‘Test Drive’ their designs to make sure they have got it right.

Many of our clients tell us that when they sign off, on a Bricks and Pieces approved design, they are 100% sure that’s what they want to build.

The Visual Tour gives you the added confidence to talk with the builders by showing them visually exactly what you want built.


3D Designs

Planning Applications

Building Regulations

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