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We offer an array of services, all tailored to save you stress, time and money when undertaking any home improvement project. 

Thinking of modernising, converting or extending your home? We will show you how to get your design right first time around, find the right builder at the right price and show you where to shop and to save thousands of pounds off the cost of your build. 

Bricks and Pieces are a team of professional experts from the building industry. We have designers, architectural technicians, structural surveyors, quantity surveyors and builders at your disposal ready to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and within your budget.

More than 40 years experience in the design and building industry, guarantee the right result for you and your family. We understand your home is one of the biggest and most important assets you will ever own in your life time and any improvements need to be carefully thought out and planned correctly. With this in mind call us
today for a free no obligation chat about your ideas. We can turn your dreams in to reality.

We offer the easiest and safest way to design and build, saving you stress, time and money.

Three Short Videos Introducing Our Three Steps to Success When Undertaking Home Improvements, Conversions or Extensions.


We listen to what you want to build and why you need the extra space. We then produce creative designs for you to consider and approve. Once you have approved your preferred design, we will submit your Planning and Building Regulation applications and liaise with the Planning Department to obtain the appropriate approvals for your project.



We can help you to find the right builder, at the right price, by inviting your preferred builders to tender for the work. We will show you where and how to save £1000’s at this critical stage of the process. We will also introduce you to our trade discounts and contacts.


We will help you to complete all of the relevant paperwork and documentation necessary to ensure you are protected throughout the build; from concept to completion of the works. 


USE OUR 3D DESIGN SERVICE TO unlock your propertY’s potential

Before investing thousands of pounds on improving your home, it’s advisable to have 3D photo like images produced to bring your ideas to life.  This way, when you sign off on your final design you know it is 100% what you want to be built. There are no grey areas with your builder and you will avoid furture disputes with the builder and/or the need to make unnecessary and costly changes during the build. 

See how our clients followed the Three Steps to success as shown on Channel 4’s George Clarke’s “Old House New Home”

 See how we brought George ClarkE’s sketches to life with ouR 3D visualisations and virtual tour.
our clients used Step One, Two and Three of our services ON THIS PROJECT SO we were with them from CONCEPT to completion.
Watch the full EPISODE, first aired on 28th January 2020, on ChaNnel 4’s catch-up service
(Series 6
Episode 3: Didsbury) to share our clients’ full story.

See how we saved Mr O’Neil over £4000
in week one

Mr O’Neil tells you in his own words what we did and we how did it. We also expect to save him £1000’s more in the weeks to come.

Visit our Projects and Testimonials page to hear how many of our other clients made similar savings by tapping in to the knowledge, expertise and wealth of contacts provided by Bricks and Pieces.

The One Stop Shop for all of your home improvement needs 

“I started buying kitchens, windows, doors etcetera almost 40 years ago and over the years my team and I have found the best places to purchase these items. When we opened our doors at Bricks and Pieces, back in 2009, we created a community. I suggested that our clients go out to the market to obtain quotations for the larger items that they needed to complete their dream home improvement.  I explained not only do many builders add their own mark up but they often have only 1 or 2 suppliers to choose from.  Even back then, we offered a “COMPARE A QUOTE” service.  Almost without exception, we were able to help our clients make significant savings for the same items without ever compromising on quality or specification. On the rare occasion we didn’t make our clients’ an additional saving, we completed a due diligence check on the supplier and if the results were positive, we invited the supplier to join our trusted community to benefit our future clients and paid our client £100 for the introduction. This is why we are still so confident we can deliver exceptional savings and quality to all of our clients”.

Paul Bradley (Managing Director, Bricks and Pieces Ltd)

Watch our short explainer video below or Click here to watch behind the scenes videos of some of our most popular suppliers.
Remember you can use any of our services, so if you just want to save money buying a kitchen for your home we can still help. 

Click above to watch a short introduction to our One Stop Shop – How we can save you £1000’s

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About our website

To make our website different from other ‘sites yet still easy to navigate, we canvassed our clients to hear what they wanted out of a website. They told us, answers to their questions, lots of videos to explain what is really involved in completing major home improvements particularly for the very first time. We have almost three hours of videos on this website so you should find the answers to the questions you have.  If you need any further help or guidance, please contact a member of our team on 0161 431 4422 or email enquiries@bricksandpieces.co.uk

A summary of what we can do to save you time, stress and money – in 59 seconds !

Our services are available on a pick and mix basis so you can purchase only the services YOU need.  Any homeowner about to invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. extending, converting or re modelling their property should gain an understanding of what is involved in major home improvements and how to avoid the horror stories we have all heard of. Watch our video for a short cut to your first step towards that knowledge…..

the services we offer

by your side from concept to Completion

We are an independent plan and design company in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire boasting more than 40 years’ experience in the domestic building industry. We offer expert advice from the design & plan stage and then throughout the tender and build stages.

Speed Up Your Home Renovation

Our 40 years industry experience will ensure you will avoid many of the common mistakes consumers and/or builders make, often resulting in the delayed completion and sign off of even the best planned home improvement projects.

We Will Save You Money On Your Project

The Bricks and Pieces trade discount card gives you access to the contacts and exclusive offers we have amassed over 40 years in the home improvement design and build industry.

Ensure You Don't Exceed Your Budget

The process and procedures we have developed help to protect our clients from experiencing the home improvement horror stories we have all heard about.  They also deliver significant savings, time and time again.

Expert advice, always at hand

Once the builder commences on site, we are only ever a phone call away.  We can provide unlimited building advice for you and your builder, whenever the need arises. Sign up to our newsletter for further tips specific to your project.

No More Inflated Builders Quotes

All of our Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire builders must pass through our strict accreditation and due diligence process before joining our network. We complete millions of pounds’ worth of projects every year.

Interior Design

Whether you are looking for interior designers, architects, or renovation advice for your latest home improvement project, we can help!

Architectual Serivces

Choose our architectual services, offering a collaborative design approach to ensure the best solution for your project

Planning Permission

Enjoy a smooth and speedy planning permission process by letting our experienced building advisors take care of it for you.

Building Approval

We can ensure swift and stress free building regulations approval, from your local authority or from an approved inspector.

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We work with all types of projects whatever the size of the works.

Our priority is ensuring our clients are looked after and happy.

We offer a professional and personal service which our clients find an enjoyable experience.

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